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Tasks examples

I need to create a study guide that includes applicable content and practice questions related to the exam.

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1 min
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10 hours
Task Description

Create a study guide that includes applicable content and practice questions related to an exam, such as the SAT or CLEP.



  • +1
    I am very satisfied with the study guide created by this assignment. It included content that was applicable to the exam I was studying for and practice questions that were specific to the test I was taking. The practice questions were well thought out and directed me to the correct answers while also testing my knowledge of the subject matter.

Hiring a freelance exam assistance expert can be a great way to ensure that you are well prepared for any upcoming exams. It can provide you with the extra help you need to ensure that you are maximizing your study time and optimizing your performance on the day of the exam. With the assistance of a freelance exam assistant, you can benefit from personalized attention, expert advice, and personalized guidance throughout the entire exam preparation process.

Why are our freelance exam assistance academics the best?

Our exam assistance freelancers are the best because they provide students with personalized and expert advice on how to prepare for their exams. Our freelance exam assistance will not just help students with the basics; it will also provide them with the tools they need to maximize their performance on the day of the exam. Our freelance exam assistance is knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter and has a deep understanding of how to properly study for and understand the material.

What are the advantages of contacting a freelance academic for exam assistance?

The main advantage of contacting a freelance exam assistance provider is the personalized attention and expertise they offer. Unlike a traditional tutoring program, a freelance exam assistance program is able to provide students with personalized and expert advice on how to prepare for their exams. Furthermore, a freelance exam assistant will be able to provide personalized and timely feedback on the student's progress, allowing them to optimize their study strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

How to create a detailed brief for freelance exam assistance academics?

1. Clarify the goal: It is important to clearly define the purpose of the exam assistance project and the desired outcome you hope to achieve. This will help both you and your freelance exam assistance better understand the scope of the project.
2. Provide a detailed description of the project: Provide a detailed description of the project, including the topics to be covered, the expected result, and any assumptions that should be taken into account when completing the project.
3. Explain the expected timeline: Explain when you want the project to be completed and what kind of follow-up is expected.
4. Discuss the required resources: Clarify if you will be providing the resources needed to complete the project or if the exam assistance freelancer will need to acquire them.
5. Discuss communication: Specify how often you want to communicate with the exam assistance freelancer and what type of communication you prefer.
6. Provide contact details: Provide contact details of all the main stakeholders who will be involved in the project.
7. Provide a description of the target audience: Provide a description of the target audience and any relevant information that might help the exam assistance freelancer better understand the project.

What is included in the work of a freelance Exam assistance academics?

Exam assistance provided by a freelance professional typically includes the following services:
1. Creating a study plan providing study resources, such as practice tests and review materials.
2. Providing guidance and feedback on test-taking strategies and working with the student to identify and address weak areas
3. Providing personalized instruction to help the student understand the material by providing extra practice questions and simulations
4. Developing customized study schedules providing test-taking tips
5. Providing test preparation materials and monitoring the student’s progress throughout the process.

What tools can freelance academics in Exam Assistance use?

An exam assistant can use a variety of tools to help with exam preparation. One such tool is a practice exam. Practice exams are designed to simulate the real exam and provide students with a better understanding of the types of questions, the difficulty level, and the topics that may appear on the actual exam.

Why is hiring freelance exam assistance academics important?

Hiring a freelance exam assistant is critical because it can provide numerous benefits.First, a freelance exam assistant can help you save time and money. They can complete the tasks that you would normally have to do yourself, such as researching test material, writing practice exams, and grading exams. Additionally, they can provide valuable feedback and advice on how to better prepare for the test.

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